Frequenty Asked Questions

About STI

+ What is the Swimming Teacher Institute (STI)?

Swimming Teacher Institute is the institute that specializes in proven effective instructional technologies based on the fundamentals of swimming. STI courses impart skills that introduce non-swimmers to progressive swimming techniques and advanced life-saving strokes. STI graduates have mastered effective coaching skills to help their students learn better and faster for more effective results. Graduates of STI hold Swim Australia™ Teacher (SAT) professional certificate which proves their competency and knowledge in teaching swimming and water safety to independent learners in groups of varying sizes. This certification is recognised not only by Australia’s the Federal Government but through its affiliation with the International Federation of Swimming Teachers Associations (IFSTA), swimming teachers may apply for IFSTA recognition in the member countries which include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, and the United States to conduct and work as swimming teachers in those countries. Graduates of STI are further trained in a proprietary child development and characteristic programme built by early childhood experts together with professional and seasoned swimming teachers, Joey Lingo™. The programme focuses on helping babies and toddlers develop physical growth, motor and coordination skills for a healthy child. Experts also believe that swimming techniques such as deeper breathing and familiarity with water helps children enhance mental development through the swimming exercises. The Joey Lingo™ programme trains swimming teachers to communicate these exercises effectively with a child and help the child feel confident with water in a safe manner. STI provides a comprehensive programme to ensure graduates who complete the course have effective swimming coaching skills and are competent in training a wide range of students, from babies to adults.

+ Who are your coaches?

Our head coach is ex-national swimmer, David Lim, who currently heads Swimfast Aquatic Club (SAC) as well as Chinese Swimming Club (CSC). Keenly passionate in competitive swimming, David went to coach the Singapore’s national team for many years after he retired as a competitor. Under his tutelage, David has groomed other top athletes such as Joseph Schooling, Tao Li, Quah Zheng Wen, Quah Ting Wen and Amanda Lim. Renowned not only for his coaching skills, David has 19 SEA Games Gold medals under his name, is an Asian Games medalist, a two-time Olympian, and was named Singapore’s Sportsman of the Year three times in 1985, 1987 and 1988.

+ What is the course structure?

The entire course is made up of 8 modules which is expected to be completed over 2 months. However due to class size constraints, the course can take up to 6 months to complete. The 8 modules will cover swimming skills, coaching skills, life-saving techniques, basic marketing skills and the proprietary child development and characteristic programme which helps children and young toddlers learn and apply swimming skills effectively, Joey Lingo™. Pre-qualified swimming teachers will be able to skip up to a maximum of 4 modules if they have the following certifications – Lifesaving, CPR, SAT Course and SAT B&T Course. Applicants should bring their original certificates for verification during the pre-admission interview.

+ What are the opportunities for Graduates of STI?

Graduates of STI are specially trained in communicating and imparting swimming skills to a child through its proprietary programme, JoeyLingo™. The programme was built together with early childhood experts who have studied the most effective way for a child to be trained in a skill, making STI graduates competent in teaching children about swimming and water safety. Eligible graduates of STI have the option to join affiliate swim schools. Those who are offered a 2-year contract will also have their STI course fees absorbed by the school. Alternatively, graduates can choose to be private swimming teachers by joining the MantaPlay™ network, the first e-platform that matches qualified and suitable swim teachers to swim students. With the necessary skill set and competencies STI has equipped the graduate, she or he can choose to teach a wide range of children and adults wanting to learn how to swim or improve their strokes. MantaPlay™ platform also allows swimming teachers to easily track their swimming schedules and progress of the students they take on, making it a convenient tool for swimming teachers to manage their career.


For new or aspiring swiming coaches

+ What are the entry requirements?

You will need to be:

  • At least 17 years to enrol at STI
  • A resident in Singapore
  • Have passed GCE O-Level
  • Be able to swim at least ONE swim stroke
  • A passion to teach others to swim All applicants are required to go through a pre-admission interview before they are accepted into STI. Once you submit your application, our administrator will be in touch to schedule a pre-admission interview.

+ What does the learning process involve?

To ensure a conducive learning environment, class size at STI are kept to about 10-20 students depending on the module. The course will involve practical and theory lessons taught in the pool and in the classroom. Each class is about 2 hours held 5 times a week (during weekdays) with a compulsory 2 full-day student-teacher attachment. All students are required to pass all 8 modules unless they have been granted module exemptions. Students who miss a class will need to schedule for a follow-up class or re-take the class with a different batch. Upon completion of the course, all students will need to go through an evaluation test at the end of the course to test their competency and knowledge before they are awarded the certifications which will allow them to join an internationally acclaimed accredited training course.

+ I do not know how to swim. Can I still be a swimming coach?

You will need to learn one swim stroke before you can apply to join STI.

+ Are there any student grants? What are the payment modes?

Unfortunately, there are no student grants available at this time. However STI provides an instalment plan for students to pay the course fee upon graduation. If a graduate is offered a 2-year contract with OtterSwim or SwimFast Aquatic School as a full-time instructor, her/his STI course fees will be paid for by the school.


For seasoned swimming coaches

+ I am already or was previously a swimming coach. How do I join STI?

STI graduates are uniquely qualified swimming teachers who are able to deliver effective swimming skills and water safety techniques to all groups of individuals including young children and non-swimmers. Through a proprietary course module, JoeyLingo™ is offered as part of the course and one of the core modules that all STI graduates are required to undertake. STI welcomes experienced and seasoned swimming teachers and allow for module exemptions for the areas where you have been qualified. You will need to show proof of such qualifications during the pre-admission interview and pass the evaluation test to be a fully certified STI qualified swimming teacher.

+ How soon can I start teaching after graduating from STI?

STI graduates have 2 options to start teaching swimming on graduation with STI:

  1. Join a swimming school: Eligible graduates may be offered a 2-year full-time contract with an affiliated swim school. STI graduates will also have their course fee covered for by the swimming school they join.
  2. Be a private / freelance swimming teacher: STI graduates will be given the opportunity to join the first e-platform, MantaPlay™, which matches swimming teachers to swimming students. The platform is also designed to make tracking swimming students’ records and progress easily for both swimming teachers and swimming students.