internationally recognised course

STI offers an Australian Certified course, with eight modules, to ensure that you get the best teaching experience, and the necessary skills to make lessons fun and safe for you and your students.


lifesaving 1,2,3 & resuscitation (cpr), first aid & aed modules are optional for experienced instructors

Lifesaving 1, 2, 3

(optional for experienced instructors)

You are required to learn the fundamentals of water safety, theory and practical aspects of land-based and water-based non-contact rescue, as well as resuscitation skills to carry out lessons. Learners are expected to be strong swimmers as the Lifesaving modules is focused on lifesaving techniques, and are required to complete all three modules. You will be awarded the Lifesaving 123 badges and certificates, issued by the Singapore Life Saving Society, upon modules completion.


The CPR module prepares you for unforeseen swimming accidents with practical experience in lifesaving techniques such as Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and related emergency care. This will equip you with the relevant skills and knowledge in providing immediate care in cases of emergency during lessons.

Basic Swimming
Teacher Skills

You will learn fundamental coaching skills and techniques used in lesson delivery and effective teaching of basic swimming strokes – approved by Swim Australia™. You will also pick up class scheduling and organisational skills.

Swim Australia™
Teacher (SAT) Course

The SAT Module equips you with the requisite competencies to teach individuals and groups of varying sizes regarding swimming and water safety. You will receive a Statement of Attainment as proof of proficiency in delivering water related and personal safety & survival lessons, upon module completion.

Swim Australia™ Teacher of Babies & Toddlers (SAT B&T)

The SAT B&T Module prepares you for lessons with caregivers and dependent learners of babies and toddlers, so that they have the basic water familiarisation, swimming, and water safety knowledge when they go on out-of-class swimming sessions.

Joey Lingo™

Available only at STI, Joey Lingo™ is the first and the only module in the world to combine early childhood education and swimming techniques. The module focuses on child development and understanding of behavioural characteristics while in a swimming pool. With it, you will be able to provide an interactive and developmentally appropriate learning environment, making lessons fun and safe while having a structured lesson plan.

Brand Equity & Positioning

Learn about the STI brand and values it holds for a better understanding of what you will soon represent. This module lets you in on what sets STI apart from other swim schools, as well as the services that you will be offering compared to others. You will also learn to manage and grow the brand as well as your career.

Customer Relationship Management

Apart from making lessons fun for children, it is also important for you to maintain a good rapport with their parents. The module gives you an overview of what you need to take note of, before, during, and after the parents are onboard with our swim schools. Leaving a better impression helps to keep a sustaining relationship between you and the parents, and works greatly in your favour for future revenue when they recommend you to other parents.