Take the plunge with us

If you have a passion for teaching children and love to swim, take the plunge to carve a satisfying and meaningful career, starting at Swimming Teacher Institute (STI)!

With STI, whether you are an aspiring or experienced swimming instructor, you can start earning in as short as 4 months’ time upon completion of our course.

You will be joining a group of passionate, Australian certified swimming instructors – accredited under the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (ASCTA). This internationally recognised certification lets you take on swimming classes wherever, whenever.


Unique Teaching Methods

STI is the only institute to offer differentiated teaching with a proprietary methodology such as Joey Lingo™, which will equip you with a deepened understanding of cognitive, emotional, social, and psychomotor development for children from as young as 6-months old.



Affiliated to Swim Australia™ and the ASCTA, you will have access to the world’s best swimming practices, professional development programmes, growth opportunities, and business support.


Interested in becoming a swimming instructor?